I am Greg, the face behind hgj or hogejo. I’ve spent the past 6+ years in Ireland and 4+ years of being a Site Reliability Engineer at Google. I recently moved back to Hungary and joined Hypixel Studios to make sure Hytale‘s services and platform will run smoothly.

I am an open minded person, always curious and looking to understand as much as I can. I try to find opportunities in life to have fun or create something remarkable. I enjoy being a child and a perfection seeking engineer at the same time. I have been up and down, learnt to get back on track, (re)develop myself. In my free time, I am a crazy pioneer in many areas of life. I am taking DIY, 3D printing and electronics more seriously recently. Touring on my motorbike, driving my car or flying away somewhere. Saying yes to all adventures, and developing my photography skills (also professionally).

Very much social and feeling good around people. Helping, teaching, volunteering, conversing. Outdoor person, but I do like a night in, probably gaming. You can find me in the kitchen or at my desk working on something, when I am not outside. I am transitioning back to open-source and community contributions. Don’t hold your breath until you see new content here, but I have plans!

Apart from this site, you can find me on LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube. My GitHub is still pretty boring. You can have a look at my outdated CV if you are interested, but I am NOT not looking for a new job.

Feel free to follow me, share my stuff or drop me a line.