I am Greg, the face behind hgj. I currently live in Ireland and work for Google as a Site Reliability Engineer. My GitHub is pretty boring, but you can have a look at my CV if you are interested.

I am an open minded person with an engineer mind. I try to find opportunities in life to have fun or create something remarkable. I am a restless soul who always has to create, organise, optimise or build something. I care about the people and the environment around me. I enjoy being a child and a perfection seeking engineer at the same time. In my head, I am mature adult with big plans, and an innocent young boy in my heart.

In my free time, I am a crazy pioneer in the kitchen, calm tourer on my motorbike or restless explorer of good hikes, bouldering walls. I look for challenges for mind and soul, search for sustainable solutions for nature and men. I am a heated student in front of the piano, kites and carpentry at the moment – while also trying to build a cross platform game on my own. I am realising my dreams, volunteer, travel and exercise. I read psychology and sci-fi. I am also the proud owner of a 12 metre long bus I plan to convert into my moving house before I turn 30. I am good in planning and executing, but also overthinking. I can’t help being straightforward and open with nearly everyone I meet.

Apart from this site, you can find me on FacebookLinkedIn, Instagram or OkCupid. Feel free to follow me, share my stuff or drop me a line.